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Are you interested in developing the functionality of your team, or perhaps you are about to build a completely new one? Would you like to improve management skills or, for example, the ability to cope with changes, to learn new things, or improve creativity?

Team building through a world of experiences offers a unique possibility to contemplate on emotional states and formed habits that different pre-designed processes and nature itself raise. Facing one's own limitations and changing them, and experiencing them in practice, gives a chance to find new perspective to one's thinking and actions.

The basic principles of team building through a world of experiences are combined of the individual itself, the group and the surrounding nature. The activities are based on a continual process, in which doing, experiencing and reflection follow one another. Only having fun and being together in a group is not sufficient as it is important to link the experiences through reflection to one's own life, and in this way obtain long-lasting support from the experiences.

The team building education may include exercises indoors, varied problem-solving and exercises outdoors or by experiencing one-of-a-kind nature challenges. The best results are achieved by combining all these elements and tailor the package according to each group's specific needs.

Take up on the challenge and come develop yourself and your work colleagues - Provide yourself with long-term learning through unforgettable experiences! Contact us and we will design a program for you according to your team's needs and goals, either in connection with your meeting or as part of a larger education program you may have, for a day or even a whole weekend - it's all up to you!

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